The Easiest Way To Make Great Coffee

Brew single cup filter coffee in a few easy steps with BrewSpoon

The new way to enjoy your favourite coffee!

(Works great for tea too)

How it Works

Fill It

Open and fill your BrewSpoon with 15g to 18g of your favourite, coarsely ground coffee. Close it.

Cup It

Carefully place your sealed BrewSpoon in your empty cup and fill the cup with hot water.

Brew It

Stir for roughly 60 to 90 seconds until all the air is released from the BrewSpoon chamber and allow it to brew for 3 to 4 minutes. Remove and enjoy!

About BrewSpoon

Now Available in the USA

We also love convenience. Back in 2018 we asked ourselves, “How can I quickly and easily brew a single cup of filter coffee without all the traditional cleanup of a plunger pot?” The result? BrewSpoon of course!

BrewSpoon was invented in South Africa and is manufactured in Cape Town, and since our launch, in 2019, thousands of BrewSpoons have been sold – our customers love it.

Now, we are proud to be able to ship BrewSpoon to your door in the USA. Yep, we’re international now.

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BrewSpoon - The Easiest Way To Make Great Coffee




You get:

1 x Box-packaged BrewSpoon (includes how-to guide)

Choose between Charcoal or Mint color

Frequently Asked Questions

A simple, easy way to make single cup filter coffee. BrewSpoon is made from 100% safe, food-grade polypropylene (plastic) and 150 micron 304L stainless steel, in Cape Town, South Africa.

Anyone and everyone who loves coffee, BrewSpoon is a quick, easy alternative to making a full pot of plunger coffee. Travellers, campers, caravaners and anyone else in between who enjoys filter coffee.

BrewSpoon coffee is an infused brew much like plunger coffee. Ground coffee and water infuse to produce brewed coffee, however, with BrewSpoon the coffee is contained within our patented spoon design, making disposing and cleaning much easier than with plunger coffee – your days of having to dig out wet soggy coffee grounds are over.

Yes, but because of the nature of ground coffee and the varying degrees of grind, this will effect the quality of your coffee. Like plunger coffee, BrewSpoon requires a coarser grind. Saying that finer grinds do work but you will find more sediment in your cup with finer coffee. This bothers some folks, and not others, so it is really up to the you. We recommend coarser ground coffee. Very fine, espresso ground coffee is not recommended. You might prefer a darker roast but remember what you love, someone else might dislike so it’s always best to play around until you find something that suits your own distinct palate.

We recommend 0.5-0.6oz but you can put in as much as 0.7-0.8oz. We find that filling up to the one half of the spoon is just about right. Overfilling BrewSpoon can lead to a poor infusion – stopping the water from properly circulating between the grounds leading to a weaker brew with less flavor. You might also notice that BrewSpoon will float in your cup and not sink – this could be overfilling, but it could also be a very determined air pocket trapped in the chamber. Tapping the BrewSpoon in your cup and from side to side usually releases the bubbles and it will eventually sink and brew perfectly.

A minimum of 3 mins and as much as 5 or 6 if you prefer stronger coffee. If you like a hotter cup then 4 minutes will be plenty – occasionally stirring and tapping if it wants to float to the top.

No. Like plunger coffee which we like to brew for at least 5 minutes, when making coffee with BrewSpoon, the coffee will not go cold. We recommend using water just off the boil.

What our Awesome
Customers Say

This is an incredible product! So excited to be able to have great coffee anywhere! James is a man of his word and such great integrity! I’m so impressed with their impeccable customer service!

Posted by Lana Panagis-Sewry on Tuesday, 10 November 2020

I ordered my Brewspoon yesterday 😃 and received it this morning. Very impressed with the quality and speed of delivery. Well done guys!

Posted by Deidre Johnson on Friday, 4 September 2020

Brewspoon is very cool! I received mine for my birthday and it could not be simpler to make a cup of filter coffee! Give it a try - you won't be disappointed.

Posted by Roelof Strydom on Sunday, 29 March 2020

Had the best experience ordering through BrewSpoon - their customer service is out of this world and they really go the extra mile for their customers. But more importantly, the BrewSpoon I bought brews a pretty mean cup of coffee! You simply don't need instant coffee when you have this amazing gadget!

Posted by Francienne Miller on Wednesday, 22 July 2020

Thank you for the excellent service My Xmas order arrived withn 3 days What a relief to tick 3 gifts off my list

Posted by Tanya Liebenberg on Thursday, 5 November 2020

Best way to make a cup of lekker coffee when you are out and about! LOVE my BrewSpoon!! Keeping it in my handbag.

Posted by Lisa Van Rensburg on Sunday, 8 November 2020

I got the BrewSpoon gift box for my husband for our anniversary today and he enjoyed it! Thanks James at BrewSpoon for the excellent customer service, for phoning to let me know status of this delivery, it arrived in time. Well done to the BrewSpoon Team! God bless.

Posted by Natasha Kruger on Thursday, 3 September 2020

I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE my brew spoon. What a brilliant way to have the best coffee ANYWHERE! I am an adverture biker so packing light is critical. But I'll never leave my brew spoon behind! Its so small it even fits into my make up bag!

Posted by Silke Roscoe on Friday, 25 September 2020

What an amazing product!!! Just love it. And for sure the quickest delivery of an order I have ever experienced.... 25 minutes from placing the order to delivery!!!!! What awesome service this is. Thank you sooooo much!!!!

Posted by Sonja Jansen on Friday, 6 November 2020

Wholesale Orders

Since launch BrewSpoon has been loved by users and businesses alike.

Perhaps you own a coffee shop or a boutique hotel?

BrewSpoon is a fantastic addition to your current line of coffee equipment and we’d love to chat with you about supplying wholesale orders.

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